Boriana Naydenova

Boriana Naydenova was born on 10th may 1971 in the town of Dobrich.

In 1994 she graduated Musical Academy "Pancho Vladigerov" and got Master degree of Arts (choir conductor).

Her professional career has began as a conductor assistant in "Sofia Boy's Choir" (1997) and in mixed choir "Choral" (1998-99). A founder and conductor of children's choir "Chuchuliga" ("Lark"), she has staged "Rossitsa and the Wolf" - a children operetta based on P. Hadgiev's music (1998). During 1998-2000 period Boriana Naydenova was a conductor of Youth Chamber Choir "St. Joseph" at the "St. Joseph's Cathedral" in Sofia.

Since 2000 she has been conducting Youth Choir at St. St. Cyril and Methodius church in Sofia performing many concerts in Bulgaria and abroad (Germany, South Korea, Austria, Republic of Serbia, Czech).

Boriana Naydenova considers "It works if only young motivated people have a strong will to sing together." as her artistic credo. A conductor should teach singers to breath, sing and think as one inseparable whole.

The endless path through music without a final stop is a difficult one, but it is worth living life in art especially with people breathing and thinking together. That basic principle of communication builds up choir's lively, accessible and exciting concerts performing of a wide variety of genre, style and epoch.