Mixed Chamber Choir Petar Dinev

The Choir was founded in March, 2000 by its conductor Boriana Naydenova and it exists in three formations - Full Formation (32 singers); Chamber Formation (8-12 singers) and Soloists Formation "IN SACRIS" (5 singers). Participants are young people with different professional background who practice singing very actively.

Repertoire includes mainly Orthodox pieces on the basis of Chamber Choir Formation regular participation in Holy Mass at "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" church, Sofia. Another part of the repertoire contains Western European music masterpieces, Bulgarian folk music as well as contemporary music from Bulgarian and foreign composers, including a participation in a Rock Opera.

In 2000 the Choir performed its first concerts in different Sofia halls and participated in some Radio and TV broadcasts. On 7th January, 2001 the German TV channel ARD dedicated a special report to the choir. As a result the Chamber Choir Formation was invited to a concert tour in Munich and Thueringen regions (Germany) in April - May, 2001.

The choir successfully performed seven concerts and participated in two Catholic Masses, in "Johann Baptist" and "St. Georg"s cathedrals - Munich, performing excerpts from Mozart's Missa Brevis in D and some other well-known Catholic chants.

In 2002 the Soloist Choir Formation toured in Vienna (Austria) and the Chamber Choir Formation performed a concert in Serbia.

In 2003 the Full Choir Formation was invited by the CBS TV to a concert tour in South Korea. The tour included ten concerts in the biggest Korean cities and the principal concert was performed in the Seoul Arts Center, which was showed twice on the CBS TV Channel.

Meanwhile the Choir performed concerts regularly in different halls in Sofia and in the country and participated in various local musical activities with its different formations.

Many articles and comments on the Choirs performances in Bulgarian, German and Korean Press were published. Founder and present conductor is Boriana Naydenova.